Imran took away pistol, Rs150m BMW along with watch: Marriyum

Imran took away pistol, Rs150m BMW along with watch Marriyum

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb Sunday alleged that former prime minister Imran Khan took away a bomb-proof BMW vehicle worth Rs150 million and a pistol, along with a precious wristwatch from the Prime Minister’s House.

She told a news conference here that Imran Khan was still getting money from the public exchequer for the repair of the vehicle. She said the pistol Imran Khan took away was not even declared at Toshakhana.

Giving details of the bomb-proof vehicle, she noted that the PM can only keep cars in his use, according to the law. But Imran took a BMW X5 on his way out, which was basically a car from the Prime Minister Office’s pool for foreign delegations. Imran insisted that he wanted to keep that car, although he had made an uproar over expensive cars in the Prime Minister’s House. But when it came to his own luxury, he had no moral issues taking that car for himself.

“The price of this car in 2016 was Rs30 million, which was now Rs60 million and if the bomb-proofing and bullet-proofing is factored in this car, now it costs around Rs150 million. “And, after two months, Imran sent a request to the Cabinet Division that the car had developed some fault; therefore, it should be replaced with a V8. This is the truth behind the petty, shallow mindset of this man who accuses others of corruption while he was still trying to use public money for his car repairs even after being ousted from office,” Marriyum said.

She also disclosed that instead of declaring and submitting a handgun, gifted by another country’s diplomat, at the Toshakhana, Imran “smuggled” that gun into Pakistan and kept it with himself. Imran is not just a thief of oshakhana but a thief by nature, she alleged.

“These are some of the things, the proofs of which have been traced and there are many more to come and Imran will have to give answers for these things. Today, the reason for price-hike, unemployment and poverty is the incompetence and incapability of the government of Imran Khan,” she said.

The minister said Farah Gogi was his front person in Punjab and that was why the “deaf and dumb” Usman Buzdar was made the chief minister in the province and Shahzad Akbar was his frontman in the PM House, and he was not the head of asset recovery unit but of asset making unit. Where was he today? she asked.

The minister claimed that both Farah Gogi and Shahzad Akbar paid for his gifts, which he retained from Toshakhana and added he was the first prime minister who sold the gifts to those countries which had presented those gifts. She charged that by misusing his powers, Imran retained gifts at 20 per cent payment and then increased their value up to 50 per cent for future retention.

“Imran was very upset over Farah Gogi’s investigation, because the tales of Farah Gujjar and Shehzad Akbar’s corruption and extortion were rooted in Bani Gala and dozens of references based on hundreds of forged and fake documents waved around in press conferences were all smashed by courts and the PTI was shown the door,” she added.

She said there had been an increase of several billions in Farah Gogi’s assets in the last four years and by taking bribes, appointments and transfers were made and development projects launched.

It was because of this reason, she added, Imran wanted to cling on to power in the Centre and Punjab, knowing and fearing the proofs of his and his coterie’s corruption would surface. “Today, Imran says case can’t be filed against Farah Gogi, as she did not hold a public office, and I ask him what office Maryam Nawaz held that she was subjected to political victimisation and jailed,” she asked.

She also alleged that by taking money from the mills, Imran indulged himself in sugar and flour scandals. The minister asked where those 5 million homes, 10 million jobs were, while Imran was blaming others even today and saying people would come out. “Yes, people will come out but to garland you with shoes. You spoiled relations with all the Islamic countries and displeased their rulers with your conduct and used the foreign policy for your negative mentality,” she charged.

By using all the state institutions, the minister contended, Imran could not prove corruption of a penny against Nawaz Sharif, Shehbaz Sharif and other leaders and wasted previous resources and time of the nation for personal vendetta.

The minister continued that from propaganda press conferences by Shehzad Akbar to special meetings with David Rose and false stories published in Daily Mail and imprisoning PMLN leaders in death-row cells over trumped-up charges, Imran tried everything he could to harass and persecute the opposition.

She noted that the PTI chairman even used public money to pursue his political victimisation by paying Broadsheet which too said there was no proof of wrongdoing by Shehbaz Sharif or other sin his family. “Imran and his tout Shehzad Akbar even pushed the UK’s National Crime Agency and provided them all the so-called proofs. However, they were embarrassed there too, as after two years of exhaustive investigation, the NCA said there was no proof of any money-laundering against Shehbaz Sharif, Hamza Shehbaz, and other members of the family accused by Imran,” she explained.

The government under Shehbaz Sharif, she emphasised, was working day and night to stop inflation from skyrocketing because of the conditions Imran signed with the IMF. She added the state of loadshedding and the state of economy obliterated by Imran were an unexplainable mess. However, she assured that the government was doing everything to resolve this crisis. She pointed out that in just two-and-a-half weeks, Shehbaz Sharif got 27 power plants restored, which helped reduce loadshedding.

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